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About Us

Empowering Banks, Credit Unions, FinTechs, Loyalty Platforms and Retailers by Digitizing Real-Time Purchase Intent in the Physical World

We offer the most scalable and privacy-first Location Intelligence & AI Platform for mobile apps that is store-level accurate, both indoor & outdoor without any hardware deployments.

We enable our clients to better monetize their current customers and increase revenues & their most important KPIs such as activation, frequency, wallet share & retention via curated real-time mobile engagement.

Founded in 2015 in Silicon Valley, CA, we develop cutting edge, scalable, location-based mobile engagement, analytics & AI platforms, serving customers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.



Batu Sat, Ph. D. | Cofounder & CEO

Ph. D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Expertise in Machine Learning & Cloud


Ferit Ozan Akgul, Ph. D. | Cofounder & CTO

Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering
Expertise in Indoor Location Technology

Our Valuable Backers


Our advisors include professionals from Finance, Retail, Mobile & SaaS.


Tony D'Onofrio


Magnus Eliasson


Omer Bakkalbasi, Ph. D.


Ahmet Aykac, Ph. D.

Orkun Oguz

Fırat Isceber

Patrick Ramsey

Onur Gür