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Payments & Banking

Engage your customers in real-time before they make a purchase to increase transaction revenues and improve customer engagement KPIs
  • Easily Integrate with Current CRM & Data Infrastructure
  • Improve Customer Experience via Personalized Engagements
  • Learn about Purchase Intent Before Payment is Made
  • Proactively Engage to Promote your Card & Loan Products


WHAT your customers want to buy

WHERE your customers shop

WHEN your customers are about to pay

All BEFORE they even make the purchase

We can predict the next purchase decision with our unique real-time data.
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- Increase Interchange & Interest Revenues
- Improve KPIs: Activation, Frequency, Wallet Share & Retention
- Up/Cross-Sell For Payments & Banking Products

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  • Discover your Customers Physical Shopping Journey even when your Products not used
  • Enrich CRM Database & Customer Segmentation with Physical Customer Journey
  • Engage Your Customers at the Moment of Truth with Personalized Campaigns
  • Improve Activation, Frequency, Wallet Share, Retention, Up/Cross-Sell
  • Make Data-Driven Partnership Deals to meet your Customer Expectations
  • Other Use Cases: Fraud Prevention, Alternative Credit Scoring, Merchant Loan Decisions